Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Charity Chicks Poll: Who is your Unsung Hero?

Its polling time of year in the fundraising calendar at the moment. 

The influential ‘Most Influential Person in Fundraising’ is being counted as we speak. 

So here at Charity Chicks, we thought we would run our own little poll.

We thought we would ask you who is your ‘Unsung Hero’ of fundraising?

The 'Most Influential' poll is always interesting and well done to everyone that gets on it (even if you do pretend to protest...) 

However there are some definite, recognisable 'personalities' on the poll. Including those who like to pronounce loudly.

(This is not a criticism of those on the list - we say this as a blog that was created to pronounce loudly about fundraising! And who like to show off our personality...) 

It is, though, very London-centric, with a lot of people from either national, international charities or London based agencies on it. And it always seems heavily biased towards the direct marketers. 

So we, at Charity Chick Towers, thought we would run our own little poll of the unsung hero. 

Those that are just quietly getting on with their job. 

Maybe it is someone who works for a local charity, maybe your top telephone fundraiser, maybe a street fundraiser who had some lovely feedback, maybe the account handler at your printers who spends hours working out how to get the cheapest envelopes for you. 

Send them all our way. 

We won’t rank as I imagine (but could be wrong) that the unsung element will mean we get lots of people with one vote each. 

What would be nice is if you could share the reason or story behind your vote and we will share a selection. 

Email charitychicks01@gmail.com with the name of the person, their organisation and why you think they are so fab! 

Or fill this in online: Unsung Hero Poll  

Happy voting! 

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