Thursday, 10 April 2014

Be better, happier and more productive

I’ve had a few conversations with people recently, and the ‘blame’ word has popped up.

If there is one word that is guaranteed to get me riled, it’s this one. It has no place in the work environment. It creates tension, anger and breaks down relationships.

Take this scenario. You have a disgruntled supporter, they’ve been given incorrect information, and they’re getting more disgruntled. Someone is trying to sort this out and make them happy again. Then they ask ‘who can we blame for this?’ Not the supporter asking, the person trying to resolve the issue.

And I ask – really? You want to blame someone? Someone internally? So, you can feel better about a mistake you have made. The supporter doesn’t care. Just get on with sorting out the issue, making it better and making them happy.

I can guarantee you’ll feel better about the fact you’ve found a solution rather than creating a problem. You’ve achieved what you’re meant to do without the toxicity of blaming someone else. And the supporter will be happy too.

Then I remembered reading this – 18 things mentally strong people do:

It’s not always easy but apply this to your work life and you’ll be better, happier and more productive.

Go on, try it. Who else can you 'blame' but yourself if you don’t?

Danielle Atkinson

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